How to decorate your house for an epic Halloween party

Although this year hasn't been pleasant for the most of us, it doesn't mean that you cannot celebrate the ghoulish season.

So whether you’re hosting a house party or a simple dinner party, Halloween leaves you with the perfect opportunity to go all out. It’s time to get creative and have fun - It’s time to go epic!

But how do you decorate your house in anticipation of the most epic Halloween party? Read on and find out…

Lead your guests with lighting

Let your guests know what they’re in for from the moment they arrive. Lead them with lighting, use candles instead of lamps and big overhead lights. This will help to create an atmosphere that’s spooky, mysterious and scarily inviting from the start.

Embrace the darkness

There’s no other time of year when a black on black dinner table will look so at home. The colour sets the tone perfectly for Halloween but also creates something chic.

Bring a touch of the classic

Use your food to allude to the Halloween classics, bats, spiders, ghosts, etc. This will bring a touch of fun, without turning into a Halloween cliché.

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Keep your cocktails creative

Ditch the Martini glasses and go for something more dramatic, like this excellent idea which uses vials instead of glasses. Then gather some inexpensive candle holders and use them to hold your vials of cocktails.

Turn up your pumpkin decorating game

There are some truly epic ideas on Pinterest on how to raise the pumpkin-decorating bar. From skeleton prison cells to eye balls and all that’s in between, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and your pumpkin-carving skills.

Add in some childhood favourites with a twist

Black poison toffee apples, to go with your black dinner table. Who didn’t love a toffee apple as a kid, I mean it’s good for you right? It’s made with an apple?? These will certainly create a sleek and spooky addition to your menu plan.

Leave the cheese-factor to the cheese board

Serve up a styled charcuterie board amongst your spooky Halloween décor to add some spooky sophistication. Your guests will be able to dip in as and when they want to, leaving more time for dancing, mingling and epic partying.

Add some special effects

You can hire a smoke machine to create a constant eerie fog or, if you’re budget won’t allow, there are ways to do it yourself. According to this article, all you need is a bottle of glycerine, a gallon of distilled water, a 2-litre bottle of Coke, a disposable mini-pie tin, and a big candle in a jar. But if that all sounds a bit complicated, you could always just buy large rolls of cotton wool and drape it over your furniture or other decorations.

Make sure you come dressed to the party

You can’t go to all that effort and not put any effort into yourself. So make sure you go all out when it comes to your Halloween costume. It doesn’t matter what you go for – scary clown, vampire, witch or something else entirely – just make sure you put as much into your own costume as you have to the entire party for the maximum effect.

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