How to Get Your Kids Out of the Way for Inspections & Open Homes

Peek-a-boo. There they are! Always underfoot. Deep breath – we’ve discovered the best ways to make sure kids don’t mess up showings.

Source: (Jenn Evelyn-Ann/ Unsplash)

Create a Schedule for Inspections

Inspections can happen on any given day, so it’s important to let your real estate agent know your schedule.

“Most buyers want to look at homes after 5 p.m. on weekdays or on weekends,” said Jones, adding that over half of the sellers he works with have kids.

So, try to make Tuesdays and Thursdays eat-out nights and let your real estate agent know that you’ll be gone until 8 p.m. on those evenings. If soccer is every Saturday morning, share this with your real estate agent, too.

A good real estate agent will help manage the showings with your schedule. It’s beneficial for everyone for a few reasons:

  • Your real estate agent can consolidate inspections, and bring multiple potential buyers at the same time. This makes the process faster, which helps everyone.

  • You’ll know exactly when to have the house ready. No more rushing to leave with limited time to prepare.

  • Your kids maintain a routine along with fun outings, which will make them happy.

You don’t need to host open houses if you don’t want to. However, an open house can help sell the house faster by bringing in more potential buyers. It also allows you to set a deadline for staging and decluttering your house.

Have a Game Plan

So, the week has been hectic. Your child is sick, the house is a mess, it’s Thursday morning and there’s an inspection this evening. Or your real estate agent calls you to tell you they’re on their way with a buyer, despite every request to warn you in advance or abide by your schedule.

You have to make the house spotless, and it seems impossible!

Don’t panic, you’ve got this.

Keep empty bins or totes handy to fill with items that buyers don’t want to see. Here’s a checklist of what to do to prepare for a showing on a whim:

  • Put all the toilet seats down.

  • Remove personal items/toiletries from the bathroom.

  • Wipe surfaces.

  • Empty every garbage.

  • Put everything from the sink into the dishwasher.

  • Sweep the floors.

  • Remove everything from refrigerator doors.

  • Store small appliances.

  • Gather shoes, toys, and any random loose items.

  • Turn on all the lights and open blinds and curtains.

  • Make the beds and fluff every pillow.

  • Stash small rugs and excess clutter from bedrooms.

  • Close closet doors.

  • Spray air freshener.

  • Hide outdoor toys and garbage bins in the garage or on the side of the house.

  • Keep your trunk clear to store the totes and bins you’ve filled.

  • Gather the kids in one room while you prepare the house. Then, put them in the car with snacks and handheld toys until you finish.

  • Go to the park, grocery store, or friends house until the inspection is over.

Discuss with your children early in the process that this situation might happen so they don’t panic when it does.

This article was originally published by on 24th May 2018 and written by Daniel Butkovich