Should you renovate before you sell?

Every seller wants to achieve the maximum sale price for their property, and a quick renovation could make the difference.

Looking at the houses for sale in your area, is there something they all have that yours doesn’t have? Are you able to add that element to your property without vastly altering the existing footprint of the house?

For example, if all the properties in the area have solar panels or an ensuite, you may consider updating your home to compete with the other houses on the market.

Work out who your ideal buyer is before you spend any money. Analyse the demographics of your area and then look at renovating to target them.

If you’re targeting families, make sure your backyard is fenced and secure. If you think your place might suit a single parent, you could spend some money on security screens or alarm systems. Retirees might appreciate an easy care lawn or a backyard shed.

Start your research by talking to your local real estate agent. In many cases, you can fix up a few things rather than doing a full-scale renovation.

This article was originally published by written by Daniel Butkovich